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A Brighter Future — for Disabled Children

APPS UK F is a medical charity working to save lives through providing health and medical research. The organization was founded by doctors of APPSUK to eradicate diseases and combat poor healthcare in Pakistan. The charity employs doctors who treat patients unable to afford healthcare completely free of charge.

The organization is made up of some of the UK’s leading medical practitioners including surgeons, physicians, pharmacists and other professionals to actively engage in projects that make a difference and help the needy.


Amina lives in a rural village in the Punjab province. The village do not have a hospital and the nearest medical centre is hundreds of miles away. She became incredibly sick suddenly and her family could not get her to a doctor. APPS UK were able to provide her treatment through the mobile health clinic. Through your valuable donations, Amina has fully recovered from an illness that she would have died from had she not gotten the correct medication.

Seeking Medical Treatment

Gulfraz is an amputee due to a tragic accident in which he lost his leg. The family simply could not afford the basic medical procedures required for Gulfraz to help him back on his feet again. APPS UK stepped in, with their team of medical professionals and were able to raise enough money to purchase a custom made prosthetic, as well as performed the operation and provide post care to help Gulfraz walk again and gain more independence for his future..

A Brighter Future — for Disabled Children

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