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Led by: Dr Sundas Chohan

Many children are born with forearm deformity and some lose them due to medical conditions or trauma. Limbs enable children and adults alike to eat, learn and make an impact in society. However, amputations and congenital deformities leave many children disabled and unable to live a standard quality of life especially in regions of economic deprivation around the world.

Therefore, a multidisciplinary team at APPSUKF began working together to solve this problem. Orthopaedic surgeons collaborated with Unlimbited, a charity that aims to “provide highly specialized, pioneering techniques to a wider range of children and adults who suffer from rare and neglected bone diseases, limb deficiencies and skeletal abnormalities.” Unlimbited has fitted custom-made 3D-printed upper limb prostheses to children in the USA, Europe and other countries.

At APPSUKF, a team dedicated to research and development of the upper limb was established to ensure that the specification of the prosthesis meets the needs of the patients so that the maximum benefit is achieved through the donated funds.

A fundraising target of £12 500 was set for the launch and each limb will cost £50-100 to produce. Patients have been registered in March 2021 to participate in the first phase, which is the pilot study. The purpose of the pilot study is to determine the benefit of the prosthetic limbs for the patients. A consultant orthopaedic surgeon, Mr Viquar Qurashi, will fit the arms to eighteen patients, aged between 5-16, from disadvantaged backgrounds in Pakistan. Subject to the success of the pilot study, at least 50 limbs will be fitted to children in need in the second phase. Meanwhile, the design of the limb will be evaluated and improved via academic collaborators at the University of Manchester and Manchester Metropolitan University with the prospect of another launch in 2022, of another 50-100 limbs.

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