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Mobile Health Clinic

Project Directors: Dr Taimur Mirza & Dr Abdul Hafeez

Our aim is to provide high-quality ongoing primary care facilities and promote health in rural areas of Pakistan. A high percentage of the population in Pakistan live in villages where health care facilities barely exist.

Most rural areas have been allocated a basic health unit but qualified doctors opt not to work there. As a result, people die from simple treatable infections.

Our mobile health unit will be fully equipped with medical equipment required by a family physician. It will be manned by a driver and a qualified doctor. APPS UK will provide initial training, guidelines, and support to this doctor so they can discuss any complex cases with a doctor in the UK at any time. The consultations will take place within the mobile health unit ensuring the dignity and privacy of the patients. We will also consider the feasibility of using any basic health unit facilities that may already exist in some villages. Various medications will be provided in the health unit to combat a variety of ailments.

There will be detailed records of all activities which will be kept for monitoring and auditing purposes. They will also help us identify any issues and help improve the service on an ongoing basis.

APPS UK aim to focus in a variety of rural areas in places such as Rawalpindi and Toba Tek Singh.

In terms of the project expenses, the initial setup would be looking into the cost of basics such as medical equipment, gloves, and stationary as well as the higher-end costs for vehicles and clinical conversion costs. Overall setup costs will be around £5581 and the monthly running costs, which include wages, petrol costs and medication costs would be around £1073, which can be achieved with your help.

We are looking for donors who can support this project on an ongoing basis by donating for example £20 or £50 per month by setting up a standing order.

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